Thursday, July 28, 2011

First Blog Post - 7.28.11

This is the first blog post I’ve ever done, but hopefully not the last. For year’s I’ve been a pen and paper kind of guy. I have dozens of journals and note books filled with thoughts and ideas about community development.  The topic areas are wide ranging but almost always rooted in what I believe are good planning principles and sound business fundamentals. Most of my material is developed while at meetings or conferences when something sparks an idea in my head. Other times I get ideas from long walks or bike rides through cities and neighborhoods I’m visiting for the first time. In either case, they are ideas that I collect in order to build a better understanding of the developed world around me, and the process of creating better communities.

This blog then, is my attempt to organize my ideas in a central location. My journals obviously lack a search function, and this blog also gives me a chance to put thoughts in a space that can help me link key ideas, like partnerships, capacity building, access and frugality, across broader topic areas.

I’m also a very big believer in having my ideas challenged by others. So I’m hopeful that while some of you may agree with what I write, others will join the discussion in order to challenge some of my assumptions.  This will help me refine ideas and hopefully open up new ways of thinking about the topics I plan to raise.

Well, I hope those of you that come across my blog find something of interest and maybe even take the time to provide some feedback.

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