Monday, February 22, 2016

Tiny homes in... Dallas!?!

It's official, tiny homes are everywhere. In the land of everything BIGGER is BETTER the tiny home movement has been growing slowly. Here in Austin, tiny homes and converted RVs for rental units are numerous and wide spread, but the City of Dallas has been slow to adopt and "grow" this type of small urban form. 

Not any more, now a BIG home builder has jumped in the tiny home fray and believes he can commoditize a movement that has largely been focused on the DIYers. Though I'm not certain we want to see 500+ tiny home subdivisions in the near future, it certainly isn't the end of the world if a few of us downsize, or right size our living arrangements. 

And remember, tiny homes are nothing new. Calcasieu Lumber Company's "kit cottages" were common throughout Austin in the 1920's and onward. West Campus, East Austin and Hyde Park have numerous examples still used as small rental and even home ownership units.  Let's all hope that the new and the old can continue to provide abodes for singles and families for years to come. 

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